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What is

If you have not guessed by now is a wine review blog run by Trevor who is a avid lover of wine and related goodies. The goal of the website is just to express his love for wine and he will often post about various deals and offers on from off licenses in Ireland so subscribe to the blog if you want to catch the best wine deals!

Wine Reviews

The reviews on this website are my opinion only and are bore out of my love for wine. Bad reviews are not meant to harm any producers and likewise good reviews and only meant to share my opinion on the wine itself. Everyone has a different taste for wine so take all reviews as you like but they are merely my opinion.

For the wines I like and which I think are genuinely good value, I’ll write about.

About Me

I used to note like wine until several years when I moved in with my Kiwi house mate who worked at a vineyard in the famous Hunter Valley. Over the many nights of chilling out and watching TV I sampled many expensive wines (that he got for free) and eventually got such a taste for it that now my main drink is wine. I now try to find as many different wines as I can and love trying out new regions and new bottles.