YI Cameras launch their new UK Online Shop

The well known company Chinese company Xiaomi have grown to be a huge world wide brand over the last ten years as they continue to produce high quality products at a much more affordable cost when compared to Western companies who also have their products manufactured in China and maybe even in the same factories. As the world slowly becomes one big market due to the internet more and more companies are struggling to compete with these low cost Chinese brands. In this case companies like Sony who sell their action cameras for several hundred pound are competing with the YI action cameras that are over £100 cheaper and just as good if not better.

So what does this mean for the world economy?

Well this means that there is of course more stern competition which is good for the consumer but it also means that more and more money is leaving the western economies and going to the Asian markets, in particular China. This along with other aspects of the world economy will mean that more and more power will be held by the Asian nations who have for so long lived in the shadow of the west.

Back on topic and YI cameras online store at www.yicameras.co.uk means that you can get their cameras at low prices but with fast shipping from their European facility. Essentially you are getting the Asian prices but with a European service which should make for a winning combination for their customers.





Deko Products Launch Their New DekoPro Golf Range Finder

There are many new pieces of technology coming out in the last few years and it has transformed the way we do everything. The way we communicate and the way we absorb information has been completely transformed over the last 10 years. Not only that but also the way to play and analyze sports has also been transformed and leading the charge on this are a company called Deko Products (https://www.dekoproducts.co.uk/) who have now launched their new golf range finder for avid golfers in the UK.

This is a relatively recent piece of technology or more accurately it is technology that has been around a few years but is now been honed on as a instrument used specifically for golf. With it’s built in pin seeking technology the DekoPro is designed specifically for golf as opposed to many other range finders that are more of a general piece of kit often used for hunting and other sports also.

golf range finderSo what does the golf range finder do? Well the clue is in the name and it helps you find the range to a target or in this case usually the golf flag. It also has other functions such as telling you the angle of a slope which is useful when stuck in the rough or in a sand bunker and you are trying to decide on club selection. Often golfers fall down on selecting the correct club for the job and this is down to judging the distance incorrectly which is why the golf range finders have become so successful.

DekoPro comes in two versions both the 600 meter and the 900 meter version. Usually the 600 meter version is more than enough for any golfer as the holes are not nearly that long on most courses.





Why there has been an increase in Android TV Boxes for sale in Australia?

We have heard a lot over the last few months of a reasonably new piece of technology that has taken Australia by storm and that is the Android TV Box that allows you to play TV over the internet directly on to your own TV without the need for any satellite dish or cable connection. This is particularly useful for those people living in apartment blocks that are not allowed to have satellite dishes on their own building. Usually in this case the tenants only have an option of signing up with an expensive cable company that have the rights for that particular building.

Up until recently this was their only option to watch TV but now with the android TV box they have another much more affordable option. To use an android box all you need is a good internet connection and you can watch TV over the internet without paying a cable company high monthly prices.

According to https://www.androidtvboxes.com.au/ there has been a huge increase in sales in the android boxes as an alternate option to the high cost of the alternatives especially here in Australia which is not a particularly cheap country for these types of services. Australia is one of the most expensive countries in the world and people are struggling with prices of rent and property prices in the major cities such as Sydney and Melbourne in particular so where there are low cost options like the android box it will always be a popular one.