YI Cameras launch their new UK Online Shop

The well known company Chinese company Xiaomi have grown to be a huge world wide brand over the last ten years as they continue to produce high quality products at a much more affordable cost when compared to Western companies who also have their products manufactured in China and maybe even in the same factories. As the world slowly becomes one big market due to the internet more and more companies are struggling to compete with these low cost Chinese brands. In this case companies like Sony who sell their action cameras for several hundred pound are competing with the YI action cameras that are over £100 cheaper and just as good if not better.

So what does this mean for the world economy?

Well this means that there is of course more stern competition which is good for the consumer but it also means that more and more money is leaving the western economies and going to the Asian markets, in particular China. This along with other aspects of the world economy will mean that more and more power will be held by the Asian nations who have for so long lived in the shadow of the west.

Back on topic and YI cameras online store at www.yicameras.co.uk means that you can get their cameras at low prices but with fast shipping from their European facility. Essentially you are getting the Asian prices but with a European service which should make for a winning combination for their customers.