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Restaurant In Nigeria To Serve Customers Using Hoverboards

This seems to be a bit crazy but it is certainly not click bait. There is a restaurant in Nigeria who’s  staff are using hoverboards to sere their customers. According to this article from Latitude Cafe will be the first restaurant in Africa (and possibly the world) to have this idea. This has been met with mixed feelings on social media but it is a great marketing scheme even if this isn’t a permanent change.

The name hoverboard by the way is a bit misleading. They are more like electric skateboards as they of course use wheels. They are used by leaning forwards with your hips to go forward and back with your hips to move backwards. I can only imagine the difficult of this when having a tray full of plates. Even worse what if you are serving hot tea or coffee and going around on one of these hoverboards. That said if the venue is big enough and they can make it work it would be quite hilarious.


Apparently some famous Nigerian rapper was famously arrested while riding one of these hoverboards through a shopping mall. We do not suggest that Irish cafes or restaurants start trying to serve people on hoverboards. I don’t think insurance companies here would allow it nor do I think the staff would want to do it nor the customers want to see it!

We do think that the customer experience could be helped however. Every cafe you go into there are people trying to get the staffs attention be it for the bill, some sauce or anything. Why not have some sort of system installed that you can press a button for service. Much like on an plane when you cana press a button and the light comes on for assistance. Anyway this is out idea here at sourgrapes..we expect commission if used! Certainly though we do not condone hoverboards in cafes although we do need to get one for our Christmas give away soon from the it directory so stay tuned.