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Our Favorite Wine Books

The World Atlas of Wine

by Hugh Johnson and Jancis Robinson

Written by the world’s most authoritative wine duo, this is a must have. Rather than read it cover-to-cover it’s a book that I dip in and out of for no more than a few minutes at a time, particularly when drinking a new and unfamiliar wine. Read more detail on Amazon.

The Wines of Burgundy

by Clive Coates

A bit of a wine-boffin’s book but if you’re passionate or even moderately interested in wines from Burgundy, then this book is for you. See it on Amazon.

How to Taste

by Jancis Robinson.

Sure, you can book yourself on a wine course. However, if the cost is a little steep or there isn’t a wine course near you, then a nice alternative could be to buy a book like this and spend the rest on wine with a group of friends and neighbours. How to taste on Amazon.