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How to remove wine stains from your teeth

Any avid wine drinker will tell you that we have all at one stage experienced stained red teeth from our favorite Merlot wines. As much as we love wine there is nothing worse than having red stained teeth so here are a few tips to help you achieve a great smile whilst still enjoying your favorite wines.

The first thing that many people realise is that the reason that your teeth stain red from wine is because the wine actually sticks to the plaque on your teeth. The obvious solution to this then is to of course clean your teeth before drinking wine as this will remove any plaque on your teeth thus stopping the red stains.

Of course you may not always be in a position to clean your teeth before drinking wine so we suggest chasing down the bottle of wine with a bottle of sparking water. This will not only keep you hydrated but it will remove the stains from your teeth also.

teeth whitening

Another solution which many wine lovers will be happy to hear is to eat cheese after drinking wine. Eating cheese will cause your enamel to be less sticky so that you will not get stained as easily. If this is not a good solution for you then we suggest using teeth whitening strips. We do not mean keep these on all night while out at dinner but if you put them on for 30 seconds in the bathroom then they will remove the stains from your teeth.

You can of course use these properly in the evenings for 30 minutes and they will help you get a whiter shade of teeth over a period of 2 weeks. So this is more of a long term solution. There is another option and that is to use teeth whitening tooth paste. This too does seem to do the trick and makes your teeth that extra bit whiter. There are many other teeth whitening options from who sell a range of natural teeth whitening products.

So this is how we recommend to remove wine stains off of your teeth!