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Don’t drink and drive this Christmas!

It is coming into the festive season and we would like to just put out a reminder about drink and driving this Christmas. Of course it is never OK to drink and drive but around Christmas time in Ireland it does become more prevalent. Road deaths have steadily been decreasing in the last few years and we would like to keep it that way. People in rural Ireland in particular need to be vigilant and don’t let anyone they know drive home even if they think they have only had a few glasses of wine.

There was an interesting case in the UK this year of a woman who was caught drink driving. The interesting part was that she had a dash camera in her car and when the cops played back the footage they could clearly see that she was all of over the road. So if you do have a dash cam you need to be even extra careful when driving (not drink driving though obviously).

Gardai have been warning people that they will be extra visible on the roads in the lead up to Christmas in order to clamp down on drink drivers. Be safe this Christmas…never ever drink and drive!